The Magic Numbers: How Apple Beats The Demise of Music Downloads

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There are two numbers that you need to pay attention to in order to make sense of Apple’s breathtaking acquisition of Beats Electronics. Neither of them is the rumored $3.2 billion price. They are 13.3 and 800 million.

Image Apple’s saint Steven P. Jobs  said customers wanted to own their music. Not anymore.

The first number is the percentage that music downloads have decreased in Q1 of this year compared with 2013. This is on the heels of a 5% decrease last year, so it’s looking like the decline is picking up speed. It’s pretty clear that the download era is waning and Apple knows this better than anyone. I’m sure the company has a phalanx of data analysts poring over projections and understand that the rate that customers buy downloads might not be in a freefall, but it could be coming quicker than anyone expects.

It’s pretty clear when it…

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39 People On Twitter Who Thought Nelson Mandela Was Morgan Freeman

Woman Doesn’t Join HOA, So It Seizes And Sells Her House

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1) When she bought the house she should have learned there was an HOA 2) Who doesn’t notice legal summonses in the mail?

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HOA_houseIf I’ve learned anything from this site over the years, it’s that homeowners’ associations are evil and to be avoided. Sometimes you don’t have a choice, though: the home of your dreams or basic neighborhood amenities require it. And sometimes, as one Kentucky woman discovered, not joining the HOA means you can lose your house.

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The big green machine: McAuliffe, Mann, and Megadollars

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“Is ‘team climate science’ now the best science money can buy? Those ‘secret’ UVa emails Mann has been viciously defending might give some clues. More later.”

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From the irascible Joe Romm at Climate Progress:


But how did this happen? Follow the money. The Daily Caller has this story:

Big ‘green’ dollars propel McAuliffe to victory

Environmental activists poured millions of dollars into the Virginia gubernatorial campaign to help propel Democrat Terry McAuliffe to victory over Republican opponent Ken Cuccinelli.

Environmental groups put up $3.8 million to help McAuliffe defeat Cuccinelli, according to the Virginia Public Access Project. That’s about four times as much as fossil fuel interests gave Cuccinelli.  

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For all of my little divorced friends- just saw this posted and wanted to make you aware of a possible BIG glitch with Obamacare:

Here’s one for you… I spoke with my ex-husband yesterday. He is self-employed, and lives in VA. Our son, lives with me, and my ex is required to provide health insurance for him. His policy was cancelled, and he was being forced into the exchange. After fighting with the online program for almost a month, he was able to get in and register himself and his family. When he reviewed the confirmation page, our son was not listed. That prompted several phone calls and online chat sessions, and the end result: If you have a child living in another state, you cannot cover them on Obamacare. In addition to the loss of insurance for children, how many court orders do you think this will void? Does this apply to families whose children attend an out of state college? Who picks up the legal expense to re-write divorce decrees, and pay judges to amend them? Oh yeah… We the People… I am blessed that my ex and I get along, and I can provide coverage for my son on my employer’s plan, but how many people won’t even know their child isn’t covered because they don’t have an amicable relationship with their ex?